I would love to yell out a resounding “why” to the sky, but no one would hear me or care. There is nothing new about the 1979 film The Warriors getting remade, but attached director Tony Scott has recently made some statements as to how he plans on revising the film for the 21st century. Quite honestly his interpretation is terrifying, just terrifying! According to /Film, Scott wants to move the setting from New York to Los Angeles, focusing on the gang culture on the west coast.

Here’s what Scott had to say concerning his remake of the urban classic.

I’m not doing a straight remake…I’m using the same basic story. It’s really still 10 guys stuck at point B and they need to get back to point A. But I’m going to set it in Los Angeles and it’s going to be a kind of study of gang culture in LA today.

I just don’t get it. If he wants to direct a film about LA gangs, why does it have to be called The Warriors? New York City was just as important to the film as any of it’s characters, hell it was a character! Scott claims to recognize that and even made a comment on the differences between the two featured locations.

 “It’s a city which is horizontal. New York is vertical, all skyscrapers, and Los Angeles is horizontal. I’m hoping to get a hundred thousand real gang-members standing on the Vincent Thomas Bridge for one shot.”

This just won’t cut it for me. New York and Los Angeles are two major cities that have major cultural differences. Seriously, do we need another movie about LA gang life? We’ve had so many already, South Central, Menace II Society, Boyz N the Hood, the list goes on and on. It’s 30 years later and it appears the little things that made the original Warriors unique will be washed away into Hollywood oblivion. This hurts on so many levels.

What do you think of Scott changing the location of The Warriors?