Production is going strong for the upcoming Kevin Smith cop comedy, A Couple of Dicks. The film stars Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan as two cops on the hunt for a stolen baseball card, who get mixed up with drug laundering, gangsters and a Mexican beauty. Seann William Scott and Adam Brody also star in the film as a criminal and detective. Scott will play a professional thief who’s been coined the “Shit Bandit,” while Brody is an abrasive detective who is forced to work with Willis and Morgan.

Check out an outrageous photo of Morgan in action after the jump.

Images courtesy of Accidentalsexiness, and Comingsoon.



There are too many things going on in this photo NOT to laugh. I think I might buy my ticket off this image alone. Why does it look like he’s struggling with the pedals? That’s not even a regular bike, it’s an old school Schwinn. I’m assuming the comedic chemistry on set is off the charts, since director Smith recently tweeted “Bruce & Tracy are so good together, you’d think this was the sequel.” That’s good to hear!


What do you think of the first photos from A Couple of Dicks?