Stretch Armstrong is an awesome guy. Growing up, my brothers and I would test the limits of the poor toy just to see what was inside. Obviously, I would be excited to hear of a movie about Stretch Armstrong. Universal Pictures and Hasbro, Inc. are teaming up to release the film. Producer, Brian Grazer (A Beautiful Mind) is working on the new project, along with screenwriter, Steve Oedekerk (Bruce Almighty).

The partnership between Universal and Hasbro, Inc. will last for six years and should bring us four films based on various action figures and toys. Stretch Armstrong will be the first movie in the partnership with a release date on April 15, 2011. There are a few movies in the development stages, an interesting one is the Monopoly adaptation set to be directed by Ridley Scott.

I am not totally on board with the movie adaptation of everything I had as a kid. I do wish Hollywood would hold a few things sacred. However, I understand they want to release movies and make money and if they’re going to do it I hope they realize that this movie cannot be made in a serious manner. I think this movie has potential to be really fun, but it has to have a campy feel in order for it work. I think they should cast Hulk Hogan. Can’t get campier than that!

But don’t worry, if this one is bad, we still have more crappy adaptations to look forward to!

What do you think? Are you excited? Disappointed?

Source: ComingSoon