I seriously didn’t think that I would care for the remake of Clash of the Titans, but somehow this film has gotten under my skin. The original version from the early eighties is considered campy by today’s standards but at the time it was seen as quite epic. My biggest concern was seeing how director Louis Leterrier would once again elevate the film to it’s former glory over 25 years later. A recent scan from Empire magazine has popped up online, and it’s forcing me to reevaluate my stance on his vision.

Check out the full pic of Sam Worthington as Perseus after the jump.

Image courtesy of Rope of Silicon.


This photo, dare I say, gives me hope. It looks as if Leterrier is trying to do Gladiator with a dash of Braveheart. Is it just me or is there something menacing behind Worthington’s eyes that just scream, don’t f*ck with me? He wasn’t even that scary looking in Terminator Salvation! Clash of the Titans will be released in theaters on March 26, 2010. The film will be distributed by Warner Brothers, and co-stars Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Danny Huston, Mads Mikkelsen,Gemma Arterton and Alexa Davalos.

What do you think of the first official photo for Clash of the Titans?