What the hell’s going on with the live action adaptation of the video game, Bioshock? Universal has already given the film the go ahead, and supposedly Pirates of the Carribean director Gore Verbinski is set to direct. Remember all the hoopla that was made when he decided against returning for a fourth installment of the Pirates franchise because of his Bioshock commitment? That devotion must have exited stage left, because we’re not so sure if he’s up for the gig after all.

Over at /Film they pointed out several red flags that may lead to the director jumping ship (no pun intended) from the project. Two months ago Universal shut down production on the film because it’s budget grew way beyond their expectations. They decided to regroup and find other less expensive means to produce the feature, which would include filming outside of the US. Verbinski actually spoke to the Los Angeles Times about hitting this financial snag.

“The bottom line is it has to shoot out of the States for budget reasons and my schedule may be prohibitive. There’s a great script and a really interesting cast. It really comes down to the financial model now. Big movies are just not being shot in the States. I’m weighing whether I can physically go the U.K. or Australia or one of those other places with a tax rebate for a year-and-a-half.”

He doesn’t sound too enthusiastic about this at all. Bioshock has the potential to become something better than Doom or Resident Evil 3, (not like that’s hard to do). No confirmation or denial has been released about whether or not he’s still committed, but this is a bad sign. I wonder if he’s rethinking his decision about Pirates 4?

Do you think Verbinski should step down as director of Bioshock? Do you think the film will ever get made?