Photo from Up

This weekend was dominated by the Pixar animated film, Up. It debuted at number one in theaters beating out Sam Raimi’s Drag Me to Hell, and knocked last week’s champ Night at the Museum 2 down a peg. It turns out that Pixar’s not only good at creating quality family films, they also have a knack for hiding things in plain site. Over at /Film, Peter Sciretta did an amazing job of finding several hidden easter eggs featured in the film. They pay homage to past and future Pixar projects, and you’d be surprised as to what was found.

Here are a few highlights from the post, to see more you can always hop on over to their website.


The letter and number combo A113 makes an appearance in every Pixar film as well as the popular animated series The Simpsons, and Family Guy. It makes reference to the room number for a CalArts animation class that several alumni and Pixar contributers attended, whom include John Lasseter, Brad Bird, Pete Docter.


Another tidbit caught was the appearance of the infamous Pizza Planet truck. It has made a cameo in several of Pixar’s earlier films, and can be seen in almost every movie the company has produced.


The Pizza Planet truck appears twice in Up, once when Carl’s house lifts off the ground, and then again at the end of the film. 


These are just a couple of the MANY hidden items you can find in the movie. It’s easy to miss them at first glance, so the fact that Pixar takes the time to incorporate them into every film is insane. It really makes you want to go back and do a double take at other Disney and Pixar films to see what else you can find. 

Did you notice any hidden Easter Eggs in Up or other Pixar films that aren’t mentioned?