Last night during the MTV Movie Awards Twilight’s New Moon wasn’t the only film getting it’s time to shine. Transformers Revenge of the Fallen director Michael Bay and actress Megan Fox took the stage to introduce an exclusive clip from the film to the audience in attendance and at home. It features Sam (Shia Labeouf) and Mikaela (Fox) trying to escape from a group of angry Decepticons in what looks like the Egyptian desert.

Check out the clip after the jump.

This film looks ten times more massive than it’s predecessor. Not just because of the explosions, but because of the attention to detail when it comes to the robots. Bay has these things down to a science. Did you notice the Incecticon? Yes, there’s a such thing as an Incecticon! The robots are a lot less clunky and therefore a lot more precise in their design. My only problem with the first film, was that in the fights you couldn’t tell who was punching who, and it appears as if they’ve solved that problem for this one. Cool.

What do you think of this clip from Transformers Revenge of the Fallen?