I can’t believe people are even debating whether or not the “Bruno Vs. Eminem Video” of Sacha Baron Cohen falling onto Eminem’s face was real or not. Do you really think that was an accident? Do you really think MTV would let such a “mistake” happen!

Although it’s ridiculous that I’m even writing this, I felt like I had to say something…Here is why this never could have happened “accidentally”….

  1. There are no coincidences at the MTV Movie Awards: What do all the presenters have in common? A summer movie!! Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds have The Proposal coming to theaters June 19th, Will Ferrell has Land of the Lost coming to theaters June 5th, Denzel Washington has Taking of Pelham 123 coming out on June 12th, and Jonah Hill has Funny People which will be released on July 21st. The only reason any of them were there was because studios paid for them to be there to promote their films.
  2. It’s all about the money: Eminem’s record label is owned by Universal + Cohen’s upcoming film Bruno is being released by Universal = Universal paying to promote two of it’s biggest upcoming releases.
  3. Two stars collide: That would NEVER happen. Two stars never accidentally collide, especially not two people who work for the same company and who are so diametrically opposed.
  4. The fall: Anytime someone is flying over the audience there is someone below spotting them. If things went bad and Cohen was going to “fall” there would have been a lot more security cluttering his fall and making sure he was well supported.
  5. Cameras are not always in the right place: They show Eminem’s face BEFORE  Cohen falls on his head. They’re pointing out where they are about to drop him. And then afterwards, why were all the cameras in the perfect spot to catch Eminem’s head popping through Cohen’s legs? Did no one else realize it takes planning to make that happen?
  6. Final point: Like anyone with any sense would do, Eminem wouldn’t have just sat there and let Cohen’s balls hit him in the face. He would have gotten up, ducked, pushed him away, done anything before willingly getting tea-bagged.

In short, it wasn’t real! And only kind of funny!

Anyone out there willing to fight me on this one?