Moon helmer Duncan Jones is wasting no time with earning his stripes as an up and coming film director. He already has his eye on his sophomore project, which will give him a good dose of U.S. history. According to THR, Jones is set to direct the war drama, Escape From the Deep. The film will be based off the novel of the same name by British author Alex Kershaw

Escape From the Deep will tell the story of a U.S. crew aboard a submarine during World War II. The sub is hit by a torpedo and sinks to the bottom of the ocean. In order to avoid death by drowning nine men survived cruel conditions, and managed to swim 180 feet to safety. Jones described the book as ”a powerful story that will come alive on the big screen.” He wants the film to be a ”tense action movie,” and we all know we haven’t seen one of those in a while.

Jones’ debut film has been earning rave reviews and proves that he’s got serious talent, but then again he comes from some pretty creative stock. His dad is legendary musician and actor David Bowie birth name Hayward-Jones, and his step mother is international supermodel Iman. I love how with this film he will literally go from one extreme to the next, from the moon to the bottom of the sea. You honestly can’t say he doesn’t have range!

What do you think of Jones taking on a WWII survival story?