Well now he tells us! Apparently, Director Bryan Singer has always felt like the X-Men series was a part of him and is thinking about returning to do another film. Fans were not too pleased when Brett Ratner took over the third X-Men film The Last Stand, while Singer went to start on Superman. Could this be his way of making up for that and Gavin Hood‘s interpretation of Wolverine? Can Singer come back and save the series!?

Check out what had to say below about coming back below…

I’m eternally intertwined with X-Men now. What takes an audience four hours to watch – the first two movies – took six years of my life. So, to not be part of it….It’s a shame.”

When asked if he wished he had directed X-Men: The Last Stand, he admitted “before I was watching it, during watching it, after watching it… It’s weird for me to watch it, because I’m so close to the universe. And also Brett is a good friend of mine. But, of course, I would love to return to that universe.”

And on the question of whether he might be interested in X-Men Origins: Magneto, he said: “Possibly. The only thing that concerns me about Magneto is that if the prequel were to follow the track I used in X-Men, which is Magneto’s history in the concentration camp, then I’ve lived in that world.”

As for returning to Superman, he doesn’t exactly sound excited to do so:

“I don’t know, I don’t know. There are still issues…I just…I just don’t know. I don’t necessarily…I don’t know. It’s one of those things where…It’s so weird talking about stuff unless I’m about to ramp up and shoot it.”

Sounds like it might be happening, but are we ready for more X-Men? Before I heard this, I was ready for the series to be over, but I if Singer came back, he might be able to persuade me. So far he has been able to transfer the graphic novel to the screen better than any other director.

Would you be willing to brave the theaters if Singer was willing to return?