The adorable star of the NBC hit action comedy Chuck recently gave an interview over at Collider where he spilled the beans on the upcoming Greg Motolla comedy, Paul. I know what your thinking, he’s not in the movie so how does he know anything? It turns out he auditioned for a role in the film but lucked out to another actor. From his brief interview we learned a few interesting tidbits about the film’s story.

Check out his interview after the jump.

This video is about 45 seconds long and we learn quite a bit  about the antagonists in the film. First, Jason Bateman, whom he mispoke and called Justin, will play one of the agents who are hired to track down Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s characters. Bill Hader will co-star as one of his idiot assistants, and if Levy was cast he would have played opposite Hader’s character.

So far Paul is filled to the brim with comedic talent, including Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, and Jane Lynch. I’m kind of upset that Levy didn’t make the cut. Have the producers seen an episode of Chuck? He’s hilarious on that show!

Do you think they made a mistake by not casting Zachary Levy in Paul?