There was a point in history, way ass back in the 80’s, when Brad Pitt was billed second to names like Donovan Leitch and Jill Schoelen. Oh how I long for those days of yore. Donovan Leitch has more charisma in his little finger than Brad Pitt has in his whole…well, you know. (Let the backlash begin!) The movie of which I speak is a little seen 1989 slasher flick called Cutting Class. (The movie is better than the title, I promise). In addition to the afore mentioned names, the film also stars Martin Mull and Roddy McDowell (in one of his strangest film appearances – he shows up with a Carmen Miranda fruit hat on in one scene).

The incredibly gorgeous gravel voiced Schoelen plays Paula, a good girl whose daddy is leaving her alone for a week for the first time. Paula’s hot jock douche bag boyfriend Dwight (Pitt) sees this as the perfect opportunity to finally have some alone time to score a touchdown with Paula. But Brian (Leitch), a sexy outsider who has just been released from a mental institution for maybe killing his father, has other ideas. He has his big puppy dog eyes set on Paula, and doesn’t like the way Dwight pushes her around. Dwight, predictably, thinks Brian is a “psycho” who needs to stay away from his woman. What’s a girl to do? Especially when her friends and favorite faculty members start showing up dead. Is Brian really nutso, or is meanie Dwight framing him?

You know in 80’s movies, when the heroine has the boyfriend who isn’t right for her, but is basically a nice guy (the Baxter), and then there’s the second guy who is witty and charming and everyone knows that she should be with him? There’s a lot of that going on in this film, except that Brad Pitt’s character is such a tremendous asshole that you basically spend the whole movie screaming “Who cares if he winds up being crazy or not, Brian has got to be better than Dwight!” at the screen. It is impossible to like Pitt’s character in this film. Call me biased because I am hot for Leitch’s skinny ass, but he is about a thousand times more appealing than Pitt. It’s truly a shame he never quite made superstar status.

I know this makes the film sound like a lame-o love story, but it really is a slasher flick, and a kind of fun and different one at that. I’m not saying its Oscar material, but I’m saying it’s a delightful way to kill a Saturday night.

Next week, same time, same place, another 80′s film. Your clue as to what the film is….

Betsy Russell riding a horse in slow motion – topless.