Every week, TorrentFreak lists the top ten pirated movies on BitTorrent. Surprisingly, there is one movie that is noticeable absent from the list. I’ll give you a hint, it is an action movie, and it starts with a “t”. I’m sure you will figure it out pretty soon. There is a trend of action movies on the list, but there are a few odd ones that managed to sneak their way in.

Here are the top pirated movies for May 29…

  1. X-Men Origins: Wolverine - This week, Wolverine had a whopping one million downloads. That is pretty insane considering how much money this made in theaters and how long it has been in theaters. I do wonder how many of the downloads are people who have already seen it? Why would you go back?
  2. He’s Just Not That Into YouThis one is a newcomer to the list, and it has jumped all the way to number 2! Congrats. I’m sure a ton of Ben & Jerrys was consumed while watching this one.
  3. Angels & DemonsThis just proves that people really don’t want to pay to watch this one. It hasn’t been out in theaters very long, but it is pretty high up on the illegal downloads. People want to see it, but they definitely don’t want to spend any money to see it.
  4. The HorsemenIt is always surprising when a not-so-great movie earns any money.
  5. Fired Up! - Last week, this was number one on the list. Apparently, people weren’t clamoring to see it this week. Very sad. I’m not sure how or why this movie is in the top ten.
  6. PushPush needs to push it’s way back up to number 4. Get it? But seriously, it slipped down the list from last week, and it was beat by Fired Up! and He’s Just Not That Into You. That is a hard pill to swallow.
  7. Star TrekLittle Star Trek isn’t fairing too well among the downloading population. It has fallen from last week’s third position. Maybe if the movie had William Shatner did a little cameo it would be higher up? Or are people just willing to pay to see it?
  8. Crank: High VoltageJason Stratham + crazy action shit + a pretty girl = a movie guys will want to watch illegally.
  9. Fanboys - Fanboys is holding strong on the list, and it was released a while ago. This just goes to show that people love Star Wars. Plus, the plot sounds kind of amazing.
  10. ValkyrieThis movie is like the little engine that could. It hasn’t moved up or down on the list; it is just hanging out. Sadly, it may not remain on the list much longer.

I am actually really surprised that Terminator Salvation is not on the list. I know there are mixed feelings on the film, but the list isn’t filled with high quality movies. You don’t even have to pay for them!

Would you download any of these movies? Have you seen any of these movies?

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