toy story teaser trailer

Well, we’ve still got a LONG wait before Toy Story 3 actually comes out, but they’ve already released the first teaser trailer for the film. Yesterday a crappy version of this trailer was leaked onto the net, but we decided not to post it because crappy visuals can kill something like this. Luckily, today someone has uploaded the trailer in HD and now it’s worth watching.

The trailer briefly re-introduces us to many of our favorite characters, and it looks like we can expect to see our old friends for the first two films in the new film. It also re-establishes the love/hate relationship between Buzz and Woody. We don’t really get to see much footage, but seeing as we have a YEAR before the film comes out, it’ll do for now.

Watch the trailer below…

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This isn’t quite a “teaser trailer” but just a “teaser.” Although, it does get me a little excited for the film, how about you?

Toy Story 3 will be theatres on June 18th, 2010.