Danny McBride has been making his way up the Hollywood comedic ladder with supporting roles in such films as Tropic Thunder and Pineapple Express. He also has his own TV series called Eastbound & Down on HBO, which is produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay. According to /Film McBride may get his chance to shine as a film lead with the help of one of his shows writers, Shawn Harwell.

Harwell will write the screenplay for the live action adaptation of the graphic novel, Hench. The film is being developed by Warner Brothers and will center of an ex-football player who’s career abruptly ends due to an injury. As a means to make money, he takes a job as a henchman to a successful villain. Here is a brief synopsis of the book via the publisher.

The fine line between hero and villain is just another of longtime super-villain henchman Mike Fulton’s many a scars. Now, faced with a terrible choice that could mean life and death for heroes, villains, his family, and himself, Mike ponders just how his normal life went so crazy. Gripping adventure, powerful biography and loving homage to superhero comics, HENCH is a new graphic novel from writer Adam Beechen, artist Manny Bello, and publisher AiT/Planet Lar.

This sounds like it could be hilarious! The book is about 64 pages long and I’m interested in seeing how Harwell will stretch it out for a two hour movie. McBride seems like perfect casting since he already plays a jock on his show, and has a stocky build. I’m looking forward to seeing some more updates about this project, are you?

What do you think about Danny McBride as Hench? Is he a good choice?