It can be stressful to browse through twenty pages of DVDs, and not find a single one worth watching. Therefore, I have put together yet another list of cheap DVDs to help narrow down that painful selection process. Many of the films this week are oldies, but are worth watching again, and ultimately owning. Most of these films go for the same price that a ticket goes for at your local theater, and well if you purchase these, chances are you will keep them forever.

Check it out…


Under $10

My pick of the week: There is nothing scarier than seeing a child (Kirsten Dunst) enjoy sucking the blood out of another human being like in Interview with the Vampire (1994). When I first saw this film I was so into it, i saw it twice in a role. The star of the show is Dunst though Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise put up a good fight. But seeing Dunst so young yet so passionate and seductive is worth every penny.


My pick of the week: When Richard Jenkins didn’t win the Oscar for best actor this year, I almost broke the television set. The Visitor (2007) is a great film that uses every trick in the book. From the lighting to the colors of the walls, this film has genius all over it. Jerkins is a lonely man who pretends to be busy. One day he comes to his home in the city, and finds a couple of illegal immigrants living in his home. The film is deeply moving, and is worth owning.


Under $20

My pick of the week: Tim Burton is the best. Sleepy Hollow (1999) is a well-crafted horror film. The sun never comes out here, which is what is so great about the setting of this film because it devotes itself to main idea and the headless horseman.

Which DVD are you going to buy?