What does Wolverine and 007 have in common, other than wildly successful action movies? They are both headed to Broadway! Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig are to star in A Steady Rain later this fall. The play is about two cops who have their world turned upside down from a case. Both of these actors are fairly comfortable with being on stage; Hugh Jackman won a Tony for his role in The Boy from Oz, and Craig has previously starred in plays.

I like it when actors switch things up a bit and hit the stage, but it is annoying when actors switch to the stage as an attempt to prove they are the “real actors”. There is a completely different element to performing in front of a live audience. The funny thing about these two actors is they are both action stars! I am fairly confident that Hugh Jackman would be good; he has been on Broadway quite a few times. However, I have not heard much about Daniel Craig on the stage. He is certainly not a bad actor, but I am curious to see how he handles the change of scenery. Even if they are both absolutely suck, at least they have their looks to save them.

What do you think? Would you like to see them both on stage? Do you think Daniel Craig will be able to handle the stage with Hugh Jackman?

Source: E! Online