It’s the battle between hell and heaven this week. Drag Me to Hell by Spider-Man director Sam Raimi and Up will be battling it out at the box office this weekend, but which film is actually worth the time and money?

Drag Me to Hell and Up, both are at complete opposite ends of the ring. Drag Me to Hell is a horror film dealing with hell and creepy insects, and Up is a 3-D Disney/Pixar adventure about an old man who escaped into the sky with a lot of colorful balloons. So who will dominate the box office this weekend?

Sam Raimi’s last film Spider-Man 3 was a record breaker, opening at $151,116,516 and went on to gross $890,871,626 worldwide. But Drag me to Hell is no Spider-Man film. It’s made for the much smaller, more appreciative, Evil Dead audience. Evil Dead 2 made $5,923,044 worldwide in 1987, so hopefully Raimi will be able to top that (I’m pretty sure he will be able to).

As far as The last 3-D film Monsters Vs. Aliens opened at $59,321,095 and grossed at $345,861,767 worldwide. Pete Docter’s last film Monsters, Inc., opened at $62,577, 067 and grossed at $525,366,597 worldwide.

The fact that Sam Raimi’s film is rated PG-13, might help him reach a broader audience and allow from some Saw, Spider-Man, and Evil Dead fans to help him  fill the theaters.

Although, based on last weekend’s box office numbers, audiences seem to crave fun adventure rides rather than more serious films. Up seems like a highly anticipated film, and has received mostly positive feedback. It seems like Up will dominate the box office this weekend, giving Docter the win.

Which film do you think should win at the box office?

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