Hey readers, take the first look at Denzel Washington’s upcoming film Book of Eli. This post-apocalyptic drama stars Washington and Gary Oldman. Both Washington and co-director Albert Hughes had a lot to say about the desolate place that is Albuquerque, their shooting site.

“There’s a reason there’s nothing growing out there,” says Washington. “It’s land no one wants.”

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Luckily for Washington and Hughes, the place is perfect if you’re shooting the end of the world, which in the case of Book of Eli is just that; a film about a post-apocalyptic world and a lonely hero.

“We had once scene where Denzel had to kill off one of his enemies,” says Hughes, “Right after he kills the guy, a little dust storm picks up and blows right over them. It was eerie. We’re going to have people thinking an effect was computer-generated, when it was just from shooting out here.”

Will the setting add a more realistic touch to Book of Eli?

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