“By Fans For Fans” my ass. Try “By Studios For Stalkers.” This has got to be one of the biggest marketing scams of all time. Whatever happened to movie magic? If one thing is for sure, it’s that the marketing team behind Twilight knows how to get fans interested. Hell, they sold the entire first film on a myth, and even after scathing reviews, they’re now selling the second, third, and fourth films before most of them even have a script.

In order to get fans even more excited, they are offering them a chance to visit the sets, gets pictures with the cast, and even “party” with the stars in Vancouver (like they won’t be hiding from them). Talk about exploiting the talent. Check out the details on their offer below…

See your favourite sets, such as Bella’s House,the Cullen House, the Theatre set, and more. If Twilight is filming in town, we can guarantee you’ll meet the cast and get photos and autographs with them. We can also bring you to the sets and you can watch them film LIVE! Our customers have had the opportunity to chat with Rob Pattinson, take pictures with Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, and party with the cast and crew in Vancouver nightclubs.

Packages range for an hourly special for $59 per person, to a 2 day special $999 per person $1799 per Group.

You can see what they have to “offer” at

I’m curious, is there anyone out there that, does NOT find this offensive to the filmmaking process?