Do you remember Cameron’s house from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? The house where Ferris’ friend, Cameron, goes insane and kicks his dad’s prized car out of the garage? Well, now’s your chance to own a piece of Bueller history because the house is currently on the market. Just in case you have $2.3 million dollars lying around, you can splurge on a pretty lakeside property in Illinois. The house itself sits on a platform on the edge of the woods and has a strong 70′s vibe to it.

I remember this house from the movie, I always thought it was awesome. It has such and airy and secluded feel to it. If there were a few million dollars in my bank account or some extra money from a wealthy grandparent, I might think about it. The bigger question is, why would anyone want to sell it!?

Here are a few photos of the house…

Would you ever consider buying the house?