Iron Man 2 Set 4

I hope I didn’t trick you into thinking you are going to see some awesome new shots of Robert Downey, Jr in an awesome suit. These aren’t those types of photos. Apparently, there is a large set under construction for the film, Iron Man 2. The set is being built by the Sepulveda Dam, off the 101 freeway, in Los Angeles. The entrance to the set is marked by a sign with “Rasputin” on it (in case you feel like trying to sneak in, because I’m sure that will be easy).

Check out the photos below…

There really is not much there; it looks like a half empty lot with some cars in it. I would have never connected the Iron Man 2 set with these photos. Obviously, they have recently started construction. In the coming weeks it will resemble an actual set. Oddly enough, I drive by this area often and I haven’t noticed anything at all. Apparently I would make a horrible detective.