This past week a lot of skeptical information has surfaced surrounding James Cameron’s top secret epic, Avatar. Not that much is known about the film or what it will look like, but that hasn’t stopped insiders from trying to break the Cameron code. The latest “leak” comes from the MarketSaw website, and it’s a photo of what’s being called a “Power Suit.” According to them they are 100% confident that this is a legitimate photo of a piece of “heavy duty” equipment from the set.

More info and an enlarged photo after the jump.


MarketSaw states that this photo came from their “Best Avatar source.” They also went on to “guarantee” that it is the real deal. It looks pretty good, but then again who knows. I fear for people who can get this close to Cameron’s secret set and live to tell about it.

What do you think about the latest photo from the film?

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