Al Pacino may have another award winning role on his hands. The last time we saw Pacino get down with a serious television drama it was the 2003 critically acclaimed HBO miniseries, Angels in America. He won both a Golden Globe and an Emmy for his performance, and rightfully so. The actor must feel lucky because he’s re-teaming with the cable network to star in another made for television film. This time he will be starring as Dr. Jack Kevorkian in a biopic for the network.

As a Michigan native, I find this to be huge news! When I was a kid Dr. Kevorkian was all over the press. His unconventional practices of aiding patients in their suicides earned him the nickname, Dr. Death. With the help of his infamous “Mercy Machine” Kevorkian helped terminally ill individuals end there lives. He saw nothing wrong with these killings, and felt his patients had the “right to die” on their terms. According to Variety, the film will be directed by Barry Levinson, and Kevorkian himself will give input to the creative team on the project.

I can see Al Pacino acting the hell out of this material! The whole Dr. Kevorkian sensation has a lot of layers to pull from. Do I smell another Emmy or Golden Globe on the horizon?

Do you think Al Pacino can pull off Dr. Kevorkian in a film?