MTV has just posted a new clip of the film Land of the Lost starring Will Ferrell, Anna Friel and Danny McBride.

We all know that this film is going to be cheesy, but I didn’t realize exactly how far they were going to go with “cheese” factor until this clip. It feels like an SNL clip, but with a big budget. I was hoping for a little bit more for some reason.

In this scene our three main characters are greet by the “Sleestak.” Are they friend or foe? Find out below…

My favorite part is Ferrel and McBride’s interactions, but the rest of it worries me. Are the monsters meant to look completely and entirely fake? Because I was thinking they were going to look a LITTLE more “real.” Is this what we should expect from the rest of the film?

What do you think?

The movie will be in theaters June 5th.