Inglourious Basterds premiered at the Cannes Film Festival a few days ago to mixed reviews. Apparently the movie was lacking a few key elements, so to better the film, Universal wants some edits made. Director, Quentin Tarantino stated the film is, ”[going] to the editing room post-Cannes to make some edits that might include adding a scene.“ Inglourious Basterds is supposed to have a run time of a whopping 2 hours 40 minutes, but it actually only ran for 2 hours 28 minutes. Therefore, the film is technically under it’s contractual obligation of 2 hours 40 minutes.

There is plenty of room to add scenes to develop the story. Luckily, Inglourious Basterds will not be released until August, so there is plenty of time to work out the issues.

I would imagine Universal really wants this movie to do well; it is a long movie, and that can turn off moviegoers if the film is not getting stellar reviews. I am curious to see what the movie was lacking. I like Tarantino’s movies, so I’m hoping he’s able to get back in that editing room and do what you need to do to make it amazing!

What do you think? Does this change your desire to see the movie?

Source: FirstShowing