It was love at first sight for American race-car driver, Larita Huntington, (Jessica Biel) and young Englishman, John Whittaker, (Ben Barnes). Following the same premise as the 1928 Alfred Hitchcock’s adaptation, Easy Virtue is about a girl who is not welcomed by her new husband’s family. There is tension in the air from the very first meeting. Mrs. Whittaker’s (Kristin Scott Thomas), first words to her new daughter-in-law are, “Oh, you’re American” in a very un-approving tone. The one person who seems to like Larita is Colonel Jim Whittaker, (Colin Firth) who tells his son he is proud of him and his choice.

Although, this movie could have gone sour and been completely predictable from beginning to end, it was filled with twists and turns and even a few laugh-out-loud moments that make it worth paying for.

One of the funniest scenes came when Larita accidentally sits on Poppy, Mrs. Whittaker’s beloved puppy and kills the cute little thing instantly. Trying to figure out what to do in the situation, she is constantly interrupted by John’s sisters who continually asks her random questions/favors. Every time someone enters the room, Larita sits on the little pup again in order to hide what she has just done. Although the comedy is a tad obvious, it is well executed in the film and therefore fun to watch.

It is the hate/hate relationship between Larita and Mrs. Whittaker that makes the movie worth seeing. In an effort to have some private girl time, Larita asks her mother-in -law for some advice. Mrs. Whittaker tells Larita, “War-time experience says you keep your head down and fit in” to which Larita replies, “Oh, so this is war?” War is an understatement. Watching the two try to destroy one another is devilishly fun to watch

There are plenty of different story-lines as the Whittaker bunch are all full of flaws and insecurities, starting with Mrs. Whittaker, who is so over bearing and bossy that quite literally no one likes her. Larita’s past comes back to haunt her as her relationship with John is tested. The two Whittaker girls seem as confused about life as their naive brother John, who is torn between his responsibility to his family and his love for his wife.

What better way to spend two hours of your day but to be entertained by two competitive women and a dysfunctional family all under one roof?

If that’s not enough to get you to go see this movie, maybe the trailer will capture your attention: