In general, movies made from television shows are of lesser quality than the series they come from. But the chipmunks don’t mess around. * The Chipmunk Adventure is, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest animated films ever produced. It’s a musical! It’s an action film! It involves children smuggling diamonds! In short, it rocks.

The film centers around, of course, the chipmunks (Alvin, Simon and Theodore) and their female counter parts, the chipettes (Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor). These six saucy rodents spend their afternoons at the local soda shop challenging each other to an “around the world in hot air balloons” arcade game. Luckily, a euro-trash brother and sister millionaire drug smuggling duo also hang out at this very same soda shop and decide to fund a live action version of this game so that the kids can unknowingly drop off thousands of dollars in cash and diamonds hidden inside small replicas of their likenesses. Whew! Of course, craziness ensues. Those rascally chipmunks and chipettes just can’t seem to stay out of danger! Thuggish henchmen, sharks, fiestas, jungle native Sam the Sham dance parties, an 8 year old Arabian prince wanting to add Brittany to his harem, this film has it all.

My favorite part of the film though, by far, is Claudia and Klaus, the drug smuggling brother and sister team. They are so delightfully evil, snobby, and believable as people who would think nothing of having innocent children do their dirty work for them. Everything about these two characters slay me. Claudia (voiced by cult actress extraordinaire Susan Tyrell) carries a small dog in her purse, works out obsessively and wears incredible shoulder pads. Klaus has a sweater perpetually tied around his shoulders, wears Pierre Cardin socks and has an inexplicable German accent. He even wears a black satin shorty robe in one scene. Hilarious.

And, of course, there’s music. Pretty awesome music. Better music than you would expect from a chipmunk film. I have the soundtrack on vinyl from when I was a kid and I still pop it out to listen to from time to time. (Much to my neighbors’ dismay).

Trust me, you’re not “too cool” for the chipmunks. They’re still as fun and funny as they ever were. The animation is quality and the plot is fun and different, especially compared to sterile Disney flicks. If you haven’t seen this film you’re going to be really surprised at how daring it is. If you have seen it, you are aware of its radness. It’s guaranteed to brighten your day.

*I’m not even going to mention the 2008 chipmunk movie debacle.

Clue for next week’s 80′s post….

The killer wears bowling shoes and is way cooler than Brad Pitt.

Can you guess what it is?