Every week, TorrentFreak lists the top ten pirated movies on BitTorrent. I am always curious to see what other people are watching. Between ticket prices and my frugality, I am not too keen on spending my money on a possibly bad movie. Sometimes, I would much rather wait for it to be released on DVD and Netflix that puppy. By looking at this list, I can see why they may pirate the movie, it is just not worth the time to actually go out and rent it.

Here are the top ten pirated movies for May 22…

  1. Fired Up - Okay, seriously? This is number 1? It actually beat out Star Trek, Wolverine, and Angels & Demons. Now I understand watching stupid movies to pass the time, but there are so many other movies one can watch; This movie will turn your brain to mush! Either millions of teenage girls took over the Internet, or there are many guys who have completely lost their mind. Warning: You will never regain the 90 minutes lost due to watching this film.
  2. The Horsemen - This was kind of surprising because it is number two. I can understand the appeal of the movie; it seems like it could be pretty entertaining. If only the success of BitTorrent could have been translated into theaters. I had actually forgotten about this movie, maybe it is worth a try.
  3. Star Trek - This is somewhat shocking. I would have thought that this movie would be number 1, but it has been a few weeks since the release. It is still going fairly strong on the pirated movies. Not too shabby.
  4. PushIt seems like there is more of a trend now. People like to watch action and thriller movies, that is just a hunch I have. This plot seems pretty dumb, yet entertaining.
  5. Angels & DemonsThis movie is a given; of course people are going to pirate it. It literally just hit theaters last week. I would imagine that the position would be higher up because it is a new release, and people have been talking about it for ages. I am willing to bet that this movie may move up higher on the list in the coming weeks. It hasn’t gotten great reviews, and people may not want to spend their money on it.
  6. Crank: High Voltage - A bunch of guys watched this film this week. I am not surprised at all. With this movie, you either love it or hate it. My younger brother had such a strong urge to go see this movie, and he absolutely loved it. Then again he is the target audience. He plays video games, male, and considered a young adult.
  7. The Girlfriend ExperienceThis movie hasn’t even been released into theaters yet, but it is already in the top ten. Apparently, it is pretty interesting. I do wonder if this movie was pirated in hopes of seeing adult movie star, Sasha Grey, naked. Just in case you are wondering, she doesn’t. This is one of the few films on the list that has received fairly decent reviews.

Honorable Mentions:

12 Rounds

Here are a few things we have learned about the movies that people will watch. They don’t have to be good, in fact, the plot can be pretty outlandish or downright bad. People like to watch action movies, and lots of them. I think the vast majority of downloaders are young males. It is not that I am trying to stereotype, but these movies are mainly marketed towards them. I would imagine if you pirate a movie, it is for the purpose of a) watching it when you are bored one night and b) maybe watching it with a few friends, and all of these movies would work well for the reasons given.

What do you think? Have you ever pirated a movie?