Director Edgar Wright has been hard at work on his live action adaptation of the graphic novel Scott Pilgrim vs The World. He’s released several production photos from the film over the past few months, and it looks as if he’s following the visual style of the book. Everything from the costumes to the sets are replicated with precision, but as with any adaptation the writer and director sometimes decide to change a few things. In the case of Scott Pilgrim it may be the ending.

Over at /Film, they’ve got some interesting info from the book’s creator, artist, and writer Bryan Lee O’Malley.

“None of Vol. 6 is in the movie,” O’Malley wrote on Twitter. “Note that I haven’t finished writing it yet, but they’re already making a movie. Their ending is their ending.”

Even though the film’s ending may be questionable as compared to the book, O’Malley still praises the movie for what it’s accomplished thus far. He stated that he is “Totally Pleased With The Movie,” and some of the “Subplots from 6 books do not fit in one 2-hour movie, and I’m glad my adaptors know this.”

It’s rare that the author or creator of anything is OK with such a big change in their stories. It seems as if O’Malley understands the film making process and is comfortable with Wright’s vision. A few of the 6 subplots he referred to include stories about Knives Chau’s father, Scott’s friend Lisa Miller and the battle at Honest Ed’s discount store.

What do you think of a changed ending for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World?