I think this developing film news can go under the category of “Lame.” We all know that Hollywood ran out of original ideas years ago, but every now and then a project pops up and lets you know how bad the situation really is. According to FirstShowing, former Disney head honcho Michael Eisner is developing a live action adaptation of Bazooka Joe, the old school comic strip character that’s best known for promoting gum.

I remember hearing about Eisner’s interest in the Bazooka Joe character a couple of years ago, but I never thought anything would materialize from it. Unfortunately, I spoke too soon, and he actually believes that he can make it work. He’s already hired a writer by the name of  Mark Hammer, he’s a recent college grad and this will be his first big gig. The “Joe” character has been around for almost 60 years as a means of advertisement for the bubble gum of the same name. He is a blond haired kid who wears an eye patch and sometimes gets into trouble with his rag tag team of friends. I’m assuming that’s where the plot will stem from, because I’ve got nothing beyond that.

I wasn’t aware that Bazooka Joe had a back story that was so deep that it could substantiate a feature film? On top of the lack of material, the gum sucked! It always had a dry, chalky residue on it and the comic strip was so tiny you could barely read it. What’s next Hollywood? A hard hitting drama featuring the Trix rabbit where we discover what really fuels his cereal obsession?

What do you think of Hollywood’s latest random development?