Here is an interesting piece of casting news. Jackass’ very own Chris Pontius has been cast in the upcoming Sofia Coppola film, Somewhere. He will be starring in the movie with Steven Dorf and Elle Fanning.

The film is about a sort of  ”bad-boy” actor (Steven Dorf) living in Los Angeles’ famous Chateau Marmont Hotel, whose life is drastically changed when he gets a visit from his 11-year-old daughter, played by Elle Fanning. Chris Pontius is to star as, Sammy, Dorf’s best friend.

This is not some B-rate horror or slasher movie, this is a film with a talented, well respected director. This is either a real acting gig for Pontius or some kind of change for Coppola.

I think this is incredibly strange that anyone would associate anybody on the show Jackass’ with acting. I’m not sure if I see the connection. Then again, I am no casting director. I’m guessing they’re hoping Chris Pontius will play the character similar to how he is now. Although you never know!

Either way, you know he got blitzed after he found out he got a new job, and the job is not on Dancing with the Stars. Congrats!

What do you think of this? How do you think he will do?

Source: FirstShowing