At last, we ordinary people can feel like the admirable Captain James Tiberius Kirk from Star Trek. The captain’s chair from the original Star Trek television series has been constructed– only 1, 701 of them.

When pressed, the yellow button will produce one of nice original sound samples from the original television series: “Space . . . the final frontier . . .” spoken by William Shatner. The press of the red button will produce seven sound effects, including the classic intercom hail and background noises. All of the noises are produced from a single built-in speaker set in the arm rest. The chair is mostly leather and goes for 2,900.00 dollars.

Hey, if you have the money, why not? Take a look at the chair below, it is one of a kind…


So… Go to the level that no Star Trek nerd has gone before! Buy the chair! And become (or pretend to become) Captain Kirk today!!!