A while back we told you about an underdog boxing film called The Fighter. It’s being directed by David O. Russell and stars Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale. Bale will star as Dicky Eklund, the brother of Wahlberg’s ”Irish” Mickey Ward. After kicking a bad drug habit, Eklund turns his life around and helps his brother to win the world lightweight championship.

According to RopeofSilicon this boxing family just got a little bigger with the addition of Melissa Leo.

Leo is an actress who’s been around for over 20 years, but she didn’t get her time in the spotlight until her Academy Award nominated performance in Frozen River. In The Fighter, she will play the mother of half-brothers Bale and Wahlberg, so yeah they have the same mother, different father. That’s the saving grace of their casting, because without that hang up the whole brother thing wouldn’t mesh well.

The Fighter will start shooting this summer, as Leo just wrapped on the Tony Goldwyn film Betty Anne Walters.

I think she is the perfect pick for this role because her and Wahlberg honestly look like they’re related. Bale not so much, but we’ll chalk that up to his character looking like his dad.

What do you think of Melissa Leo’s casting in The Fighter?

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