josh brolin in no country for old men

Finally, something more about Jonah Hex than simply Megan Fox pictures. Who am I kidding, more Megan Fox pictures would be great! But this story is on the film’s star, Josh Brolin. visited the set in New Orleans today, and talked to Brolin about his upcoming project.

After finishing Jonah Hex, Brolin will head to England to star in Woody Allen’s next film. Another one of Brolin’s project involve him serving as producer, possibly, for a biopic film from a script by Mark Gordon about John Brown, the American abolitionist who killed five Southern slave-owners before the Civil War.

Brolin is very excited about this biotic project and he told ComingSoon that once he read the script, he loved it.

“People have been wanting to do it forever,” Brolin told CommingSoon, “and there’s a lot of directors who’d love to be involved, so I think now’s the time.”

Brolin is also producing a documentary called The People Speak, based on Howard Zinn’s book “A People’s History of the United States.” A project that will feature American actors like Matt Damon, Marisa Tomei, Sean Penn, Morgan Freeman, and Don Cheadle. (Yes, Matt Damon!)

Mel Gibson is also in Brolin’s future plans. He mentioned that he wants to do a collaboration with Gibson on Under and Alone, a true story of William Queen, an AFT agent who infiltrates the Mongols bike gang. But this project is simply floating because there is no guarantee that Gibson wants to star in the film.