District 9 1

A few photos from the highly anticipated sci-fi film District 9 have hit the net and they’re pretty creepy. District 9 is a high concept film about a race of aliens who land on earth and instead of taking over the planet, they become second class citizens among humans. The film is produced by Peter Jackson and is directed by Neill Blomkamp. For the most part the cast is filled with either unknowns or familiar faces that you can’t place with names.

Check out the photos after the jump.

The first two photos we’ve seen wandering around the net before, but the last one is completely new…

This film is taking forever to be released. It won’t hit theaters until August 14, and it’s killing me! A lot of people like the fact that the promotional photos being thrown out aren’t spoilery. A lot of films tend to release production stills that tell you a lot about what’s going on in the movie (I’m looking at you Terminator Salvation). Sometimes it’s good to keep a little mystery, but I want MORE! I guess that’s there point.

What do you think about the latest images from District 9?