A new biopic centering on the slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King is finally on it’s way. According to /Film, DreamWorks have acquired the film rights to produce a feature based on his life. The project will be produced by Steven Spielberg, Suzanne De Passe, and Madison Jones. It has been a life long dream of  Spielberg’s to bring the story of Dr. King to life. It doesn’t look as if he’ll also direct, but he will be heavily involved in the film’s development.

The co-chairman of DreamWorks recently spoke about the reasoning behind their interest in a King film.

“In trying to tackle such an ambitious project, the question we had to ask ourselves is, ‘Why now?’ ” DreamWorks CEO and co-chairman Stacey Snider told Variety “The answer lies in MLK’s own words: ‘All progress is precarious.’ With every step forward, new obstacles emerge and we must never forget that his life and his teachings continue to challenge us every day to stand up to hatred and inequality.”

With that being said, I’m happy that they’ve chosen Ms. De Passe to participate as one of the film’s producers. She is an Academy Award nominated writer, and one of first female African American powerhouses to work behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. I’ve been a fan of hers for years, and I think Spielberg made a smart decision by bringing her on board.

Since Spielberg will be working on MLK as producer, I wonder if he will finally get around to directing that Abraham Lincoln biopic?

Do you think Spielberg is a good choice to produce a film based on MLK’s life? Who should be cast in the title role?