Judd Apatow‘s new movie Funny People, starring Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen hits theaters in about two months. We have seen a few different trailers and some photos, but below is the first TV spot for the film and surprisingly there’s a lot of new footage in it. The film definitely has a different tone from the rest of Apatow’s film. He’s steering away from the family and/or teen comedy and taking on a more realistic, adult subject matter. We all know that the best comedy comes out of some of our most sad and pathetic moments, so it will be fun to see how Apatow deals with the material

Check it out the clip below…

Isn’t it nice to see Adam Sandler acting in a comedy instead of just making weird faces?

I love the fact that they have Jonah Hill making a comment to Seth about his weight lose. No one is more fitting for that line. I used to think of Hill as a mini Rogen, but now Rogen is far more mini than Hill.

Funny People will be in theaters on July 31st 2009.

What’s your favorite part of the clip?