Movement on the Thor front has been quick and steady as Marvel and director Kenneth Branagh have finally nailed down the film’s leads. First, Chris Hemsworth was announced to star as the title character this past weekend, and now the role of his nemesis has been filled as well. According to NikkeFinke (who broke the news about Hemsworth) Thor’s villain Loki will be portrayed by Britsh actor Tom Hiddleston. That’s right, another unknown foreign import to add to the cast.

Thor is turning into a worldly film of sorts. The director is Irish, the main character is Australian, and the villain is British. Hiddleston isn’t a recognizable actor here in the U.S. but he’s payed his dues overseas. Coincidentally he’s acted opposite Branagh on the theatrical stage and on television. We’re still awaiting the official press release for Hiddleston’s addition to the cast, but we’re expecting Marvel to drop the ball sometime soon.

In the comics, Loki is the adopted brother of Thor. Growing up, they were different as day and night, an issue that eventually manifested into resentment and then hate. I don’t want to spoil the story for you but let’s just say there is truth to the old saying, keep you friends close and your enemies closer. As for prior Loki casting news the possibilities were all over the place. The rumor mill had Josh Hartnett as a potential candidate for the role, and thank heavens that fell through! I think this guy has the creepy bone structure that screams ” I can’t be trusted.”

What do you think of  Hiddleston as Loki? Did they do the right thing by casting an unknown actor?