Someone please release me from this black whole where creativity and innovation don’t exist! Alright, that was a bit heavy handed but my reaction is well justified after the news of Hollywood’s latest film adaptation. Just when we thought Monopoly was enough, here comes another childhood game come to life. According to /Film, we can look forward to kids everywhere once again shouting, “You sunk my battleship!”

The strategic, lightly war inspired Hasbro game, Battleship will be turned into a feature film for Universal Pictures. Not only has someone given the OK to this tripe, they’ve also found a director. Peter Berg, the man who brought us last summer’s Hancock is on board to bring the game to the big screen. The film is being described as “an epic naval action adventure.” The script will be written by  Jon and Erich Hoeber, and the story will be loosely based on the game. Whatever that means!

On another strange note, Twilight star Robert Pattinson’s name has somehow gotten thrown into the mix. The actor was spotted leaving Berg’s home (I could say something really sarcastic here, but I’m better than that) recently, adding speculation that he could be auditioning for a part in Battleship or Berg’s remake of Dune. Let’s all let out one big resounding, why?!!

Do you think the studios are going too far with the game and toy adaptations? Do you want to see Pattinson star in Battleship?