If you haven’t seen Star Trek yet, go see it. Not only is it amazing, but it if all goes well, we may have a sequel it the works soon. After two solid weekends at the box office and MANY great reviews, everyone is asking J.J. Abrams, if there will be another Star Trek film or films? From the way that the Director has been talking, it sounds like there might be! The next question is, how will they make that work? Will we be moving through time so that Shatner can make an appearance? Will Abrams be taking on Khan as a villain?

Well, JJ Abrams sat down with MTV and here is what he told them…

So! Let’s begin, will Shatner or Kahn be in the next film(s)?

Believe me, whether it’s William Shatner or Khan … it would be ridiculous to not be open to those ideas.

Could Abrams be planning a possible flash-forward and have Shatner back for the next one?

I wouldn’t rule out anything… The point of creating this independent timeline is to not have the restrictions we had coming into this one. And one of those restrictions was that Kirk was dead.

As for Khan, although there are discprencies to whether or not he would be the same characters as he was in Star Trek 2. Abrams thinks that Khan may still make a good villain in the Trek sequels:

“[Khan and Kirk] exist — and while their history may not be exactly as people are familiar with, I would argue that a person’s character is what it is. Certain people are destined to cross paths and come together, and Khan is out there … even if he doesn’t have the same issues.”

Sadly, at this moment, all of this is all just speculation as Abrams says:

“But this all assumes that there’s another story that’s going to be told…We’re all still coming down from making this movie.”

Check out MTVs videos below…

Who wants to see J.J. tackles another Star Trek film?