Oh, Julia, you’re stuck in the 80’s! I hear this, quite frequently, from friends of mine. Some say it with a knowing smile, and a “you’re so wacky” tone of voice, others with a grim shake of the head and a glance of pity. Either way, this statement is true. I fantasize about all things 80’s on a regular basis. I read Bret Easton Ellis novels voraciously, I listen to Journey and REO Speedwagon without irony, I have even been known to search websites for pictures and descriptions of the now gone candy bars of my youth. On any given day, I will pretend it is 1984 in my head. I’m not joking around.

But the coup de grace of this slightly unhealthy fascination with days of yore is my VHS collection. It’s impressive, to say the least. And I’m still collecting. Occasionally I will buy a specific, rare title off of eBay, but mostly its thrift stores, yard sales and video shops getting rid of all of their VHS. I’ve amassed hundreds. This means that I have several movies (of dubious quality) that will never make it onto DVD. Which is fine with me, I’m no DVD snob. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a film lover to the nth degree, and definitely think everything should be viewed as the director intended it, but there is just something so comforting about that grainy quality, that imperfect sound, that speaks to my heart. Call me old fashioned.

I asked Screencrave if they would be interested in a column of me gabbing about these cinematic gems of days gone by and, bless their hearts, they said yes. Every Friday, I will be featuring one gnarly, with hints to what the following weeks pick will be. My goal is to bring back those dusty memories of early HBO, you sitting on the couch with your older sister, munching on peanut butter boppers and drinking tab, watching some crazy 80’s movie with tanned bods and big hair. If I can illicit one “Oh, I remember that movie!” pulled out of the depths of your grey matter, I have done my job well. Oh, Julia, you’re stuck in the 80’s! Totally. To the max.