How the hell did that happen? Well according to a report out of the Cannes Film Festival by Rotten Tomatoes, Helen Mirren was originally supposed to play the social worker in the Precious, but the Director, Lee Daniel, decided that he wanted Mariah Carey instead. Something tells me that someone got confused along they way.

Check out what he told RT at the premiere for his film below…

Helen Mirren was going to play the role originally but Mariah and I are good friends and it was a very last minute thing, it sort of happened. I was surprised that she was as in love as I was. She never asked me to be in the movie but she hinted that she wanted to be a part of it and I felt if I was making a bold movie, how bold it would be to cast Mariah.

Maybe Lee talked to Mirren one night and she said “sure, let me get back to you” and he considered that a yes?

I have to say, the role of the social worker is to make the main character, Precious open up to her and share the secrets of her traumatic past and I can’t really picture Helen Mirren as the character. Would she have played an American? Because I think having a English women in that role would have made it a very different film. Not that Mirren couldn’t play an tough-ass American from the Bronx, but it’s not the first thing that pops in your head with you think of DAME Helen Mirren. And just because Mirren doesn’t work, doesn’t been you automatically jump to the other. I mean, they’re not exactly in the same category.

The film and Mariah Carey may be getting great reviews, but I won’t believe any of this until I hear it from Mirren’s lips.

Does anyone believe this? And do you think that the film would have been better with Mirren?