Now that all the hoopla surrounding who will helm the third film in the Twilight franchise is over, directors can breath a sigh of relief. Juan Antonio Bayona was mentioned as a possible candidate for the job, but has since moved on to bigger and better things. According to /Film Bayona will re-team with former collaborator, screenwriter Sergio Sanchez for his latest project.

The Orphanage was an acclaimed directorial piece from Bayona that featured a screenplay written by Sanchez. The details surrounding the story of their new project haven’t been released but one of the film’s producers boasted about what we can expect. They stated that we will see a “powerful story, based on true facts, which poses large technical challenges”. Not only that, but the film’s visual style will be “absolutely unique”. Even though Bayona is touted as one of Guillermo del Toro’s protege’s there’s no word if the busy director will produce this film as he did for The Orphanage. 

So much secrecy surrounds this movie, and I have no idea what to expect. Whatever it may be, I think Bayona and Sanchez are going to create something that’s unique but still entertaining for us viewers.

What do you think about Bayona and Sanchez teaming up for a second time?