Last weekend die hard Star Trek fans waited in long lines, and some even dressed up to catch the first viewings of the rebooted franchise. Gene Roddenberry’s classic sci-fi tale has been a part of American pop culture for almost half a century, so of course the people over at NASA had to see JJ Abrams updated version. Star Trek is probably one of the few shows that got kids interested in space exploration, and the possibility of life on other planets, so it’s no surprise that Paramount Studios went above and beyond to make sure the franchises biggest fans got to see the latest installment.

Paramount transferred Star Trek to NASA headquarters in Houston, Texas so they could share the film with various astronauts who are currently orbiting in space. They uplinked the movie yesterday and giving the space crew the ability to watch the film on their computers. Michael Barrett is one of the astronauts floating 220 miles above the earth’s atmosphere, and he is more than excited about seeing the new film.

“I remember watching the original ‘Star Trek’ series and, like many of my NASA coworkers, was inspired by the idea of people from all nations coming together to explore space,” said Barratt. “‘Star Trek’ blended adventure, discovery, intelligence and story telling that assumes a positive future for humanity. The International Space Station is a real step in that direction, with many nations sharing in an adventure the world can be proud of.”

You see what I mean? Star Trek hits close to home for a lot of people for various reasons. All their fans aren’t grown, 40 year old men living in their parents basements. I just think it would be amazing to watch a film set in space, while actually on a space ship.

What interested you about Star Trek? How did you become a fan?

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