Yesterday we posted some of the highlights from one of the first early review for The Road, starring Charlize Theron, Viggo Mortensen, Guy Pearce, and Robert Duvall and today we get the trailer.

It’s amazing. In fact it’s so amazing I’m going to just shut up and let you watch it and then talk about it after…

AWESOME! End of the world movie that comes complete with a good story and special effects. Viggo Mortensen is known for being intense and this seems like the perfect movie for him to go all out with.

The film was adapted from the Cormac McCarthy‘s insanely popular novel and adapted by Joe Penhall. Many people were hoping for the film to be released at the end of last year, but as we all know, it was put on hold. Although some people were saying it was because the film was having problems, it looks and sounds like Director John Hillcoat has been fine tuning it.

Viggo Mortenson told AICN:

My understanding is that they know that they’ve got a story that a lot of people want to see, because of the book. [...] And, the people that read the book, which are many, were very moved by it and by this relationship between this boy and this man, in particular, in that setting. And, I think that they are really aware of the fact that they’ve got one chance to do it, and if there’s any little things that they still want to work on a little more, to get it just right, whether it’s the music –I don’t know what it is — a variety of things, they want to do it right.

Granted, this is not the best quote. But! It sounds like everyone, including Viggo is eager to see the film, but perhaps we should all just trust that Hillcoat knows what is best for his film.

The film should be in theaters this October!

If the film is anywhere as good as this trailer, I’m in. How about you?