Yesterday it was announced that Martin Scorsese would direct the biopic of the late great performer, Frank Sinatra. The feature is simply entitled Sinatra, and is being produced by Universal Pictures. In a rare Hollywood occurrence Sinatra’s family actually approves of the film being made, and stands by the studio and the director. With their blessing and the legal tape out of the way, there’s only thing left to do, find the perfect man to play old blue eyes.

Who could do it?

According to Cinematical, Johnny Depp’s name has popped up as a possible candidate to star as Sinatra. Apparently the studio wants him in the role, and it’s obvious why. He’s ridiculously talented, he has the dark and brooding good looks, plus we know he can carry a tune. Another superficial reason is his ability to put asses in the theater seats. He brings in the big bucks, and is liked by men, women, and children alike. Even though he’s not a spitting image of the singer/actor, I wouldn’t be surprised if the studio tells him to pop in some blue contacts and call it a day.

Another possibility for the role is Harry Connick Jr. He slightly favors Sinatra in the looks department, he’s an decent actor, but most of all he’s a trained musician! He can play the piano, and understands what his songs are all about. Even though Sinatra was an acclaimed actor, in the end his heart belonged to music. Most of us weren’t around when he won his Oscar for From Here to Eternity to watch his acceptance speech, but he graciously stated that he was a “song and dance man,” so he had no idea how he won such a prestigious acting award.

Overall it’s still early and plenty of names will get thrown into the hat before this thing starts production. All we can do is listen and hope that someone with legitimate talent get’s hired to play the man.

Do you think Depp or Connick, Jr. could play Sinatra? Is it too soon to tell? Who would you like to see in the role?