It’s a known fact that we go to press conferences and junkets to try and get actors, writers, directors, producers, and anyone else we can speak to, to give us information on upcoming projects so that we can report back to you.

Certain actors, don’t like giving too much away. In a recent interviews for Terminator Salvation, Christian Bale‘s lips were sealed tighter than a tomb (unlike Sam Worthingtons). And it’s not surprising. The man has been an amazing actor for years, and most amazing actors like acting, not talking about acting. And now that the media has gone after him, he really isn’t going to be giving away much.

BUT!  Some of his non-answers did answer a number of rumors being circulated. Let’s take a look at his non-answers and find out which speculations we can put to rest…

If you do another Terminator movie, can you talk about where you’d like to see your character go emotionally?

Christian Bale: No. [Laughs]

Nice try journalist! But Bale can see right past that “emotional” garbage to what you’re really asking. Will he come back? Well, let’s see how much money this film makes first and then how much he’s offered for a second.

Any chance we might see you in a third Batman film?

CB: You know, after making a number of blunders, I’ve learned that I do not answer that question until, Chris Nolan has answered that question.

So! The rumor that we keep hearing that he’s signed on to do a third film with or without Nolan may not be true! Even if he is signed up for a third film, I could imagine that Bale would be the type of guy to say, “fuck off I’m only doing it with Nolan,” or possibly another good Director. But there are only so many Terminators, I mean films he can do for a pay check.

There were numerous reports of you being in Bartlesville, Oklahoma a few months. What were you doing there?

CB: What do you mean? That’s offensive to Bartlesville. Who doesn’t want to go there? Are you from Bartlesville?

I’m from Tulsa actually. I was just wondering what brought you there?

Christian: I was there for doing a little bit of location scouting and getting ideas for something that might happen.

There’s something! He actually admits that he was there! Could this be for The Fighter? For Batman? For…? Please tell us more!

Anything further that you can add to that?

Christian: No.


How are things going with The Fighter?

Christian: I hope that we’ll be making it.

So! He may or may not be doing something in Oklahoma. We have no idea if he’ll be returning to Batman or Terminator. And who the fuck knows about The Fighter, he does seem like he wants to see it happen.

Thanks non-answer man!