In another attempt to beat a dead horse (no pun intended), Universal Pictures have picked up the film rights to the comic book, The Secret. According to FirstShowing, the book is distributed by Dark Horse Comics who have a first look deal with the studio. The screenplay is being written by Scott Milam, and is one of the many teen centered comic adaptations in development at Universal. The Secret is described as a “chilling coming of age story,” that features a high schooler named Tommy Morris. That’s the perfect set up for me. We all know how scary adolescent loners are, especially one’s named Tommy!

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Here is a brief synopsis of what you can expect from The Secret.

Tonight is Tommy Morris’s big chance: he’s been invited to party with the social elite of Franklin High and maybe even hook up with the girl of his dreams. But when a prank call turns sour, Tommy gets much more than he bargained for.

Yawn. I’m sorry but this is beyond boring for me. Universal is already producing Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, which looks like its going to be pretty decent but now this? The Secret was originally written by Mike Richardson who is also the founder of Dark Horse Comics. The publisher seems to be selling titles to Universal left and right, and they’re all coincidentally aimed at the teenage crowd. Let me clarify that, the teenage “emo” crowd.

A lot of these up and coming comic book releases aren’t good enough to have film adaptations. It feels as if studio executives are just pulling random properties and saying to their colleagues, “Hey, let’s make a movie!” Maybe I’m being overly sensitive, but they are really ruining this genre for me.

What do you think about Universal adapting another teen comic from Dark Horse?