Well, we’ve got a lot of action for you this week. From vampires and psychological issues, to good ol’ fahioned hitmen. But! If that doesn’t do it for you, there is also a special edition Star Trek DVD, a number of great TV shows, and our straight to DVD list.

Check them all out below…




Starring: Liam Neeson

Why was this movie so great?It wasn’t because of the action, or the plot, or the story, or the acting, or the themes.It’s because of the simple fact that it was a totally original screenplay.

How often does that happen?In a time where every single movie that seems to have a chance of making money is based on either a comic, or a novel, or a TV show, or a previous film, Taken shot into the box office with a slick trailer and left with over $140 million in domestic receipts.

What’s more, it stayed in theaters more than three months after its release.Sure, Wolverine and Star Trek will outgross this movie, but there’s no way in the world that either of them will still be occupying space in multiplexes come August.

We can only hope that Taken is the beginning of a sea change in Hollywood.A time where producers attempt to develop original material rather than just regurgitating what appears to be popular summer-after-summer.

And you can help! Buy the Extended Cut DVD.


Underwold: Rise of the Lycans

Starring: Michael Sheen and Bill Nighy

Not a whole lot to say about this movie, a prequel to the mildly successful Underworld films.

So why even discuss it at all?Because it provides a chance to link to the most ridiculous TV spots ever.The ads that ran during every single sporting event for about two months and featured nothing more than Michael Sheen yelling at the boom mic operator.

Seriously, check them out. And buy the DVD while you’re at it.



Starring: Anne Hathaway and Patrick Wilson

The rare third feature DVD discussed here.Why include it?Because it provides an excuse to post a picture of Anne Hathaway of course.

Also, there’s now space to mention that after the wild success of Get Smart and the acclaim of Rachel Getting Married Anne Hathaway starred in a movie that made about $250,000 at the US box office.

So buy the DVD, this girl needs help!She was in Bride Wars for crying out loud!


“The Dana Carvey Show” – The Complete Series

It’s time for an amazing fact.This series starred two titans of television comedy, and you probably didn’t know it.

That’s right, both Steve Carrell and Stephen Colbert made their debuts on this sketch series which was supposed to be a showcase for its star, an upcoming comic megastar at the time.

Instead, the pair of Steves now rule their respective comic roosts while Carvey, well, let’s just say that the “Latest News” section on his website hasn’t been updated since August 2008, except to note the release of this DVD.


  • Best of “Star Trek”: Original Series – Buy Now
  • Best of “Star Trek”: The Next Generation – Buy Now
  • “The Jeff Foxworthy Show”: Season 2 – Buy Now
  • “Penn & Teller: Bullshit”: Season 6 – Buy Now
  • “Taking Chance” – Buy Now
  • “Two-and-a-Half Men”: Seasons 1-5 – Buy Now


Star Trek: Motion Picture Trilogy

It seems Star Trek is trying to brand itself as a trilogy?

True, there may have been a total of ten Star Trek movies before the latest hit the screen, but why get bogged down in facts when the series can cash in on that bankable buzzword – “Trilogy”.

For this “trilogy” the studio has decided to ignore that the first Star Trek movie even existed and started this collection with Wrath of Khan, carrying it through to The Voyage Home.

That’s right two-through-four equals trilogy in DVD packaging math even if the movies contained therein represent neither the start nor the finish of the trilogy.


  • Galaxy Quest: Deluxe Edition – Buy Now


Three terrible movies, three new DVDs.Which is the worst? Cast your vote and tell the world!

The nominees are:

S. Darko

The Case to Vote for It: Exploitation at its finest.Somebody somewhere in Hollywood got the bright idea to make a sequel to Donnie Darko, even though the original film didn’t open itself for a second chapter in any way whatsoever.Worst of all, the original’s mastermind, Richard Kelly, has absolutely no involvement with this direct-to-DVD sequel.How exciting!

Personal Effects

The Case to Vote for It: Trying to solve his sister’s murder, Ashton Kutcher falls into the clutches of a seductive older woman (Michelle Pfeiffer) who may have been responsible for the killing.This raises the inevitable question: Did Demi Moore kill Ashton Kutcher’s sister?

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